Guide For Winning at Online Roulette

Guide For Winning at Online Roulette

April 5, 2021 Off By Preston Leecy

The secret to playing online roulette successfully is first of all the desire to play genuine roulette, and not some cleverly simulated version of the sport. You need the bets to work exactly the same as that of a bricks and mortar casino. You need the whole attitude, the anticipation, the feeling, to be brought to the authentic virtual casino world. And this cannot be simulated any more than you would try to win a real roulette game in the first place.

Guide For Winning at Online Roulette

When playing online roulette, it is important to keep in mind what you are actually betting. Is it real money? Real bankrolls? Virtual? There are different approaches to gambling and they all have their pros and cons, so choose the one that suits you best before starting and be honest about it too: playing online roulette should be fun and it should make you feel like a casino!

When you bet on roulette, there is always some uncertainty as to whether you are actually getting something back for all of those bets you made. Every time you spin a bet, you could be getting less than what you deserve if the wheel was truly random. So it’s good to know beforehand what you are actually getting, and to feel like you are in a real game instead of an online flash game.

But how can you learn to bet sensibly in a game like roulette? One of the main rules when playing online is not to bet more than you can afford to lose, so before you bet any money, consider just how much you are willing to risk and then stick with it. Of course, most of us will be lucky enough to win money back from our bets in many cases, so this rule is a crucial one. In addition, it’s important not to get carried away once you have placed a bet: you should only take a loss on a bet if you are sure that you can afford to lose it and are prepared to accept a higher loss than what you had initially planned on. This way, you won’t end up losing more than what you originally intended, and this will also deter you from betting more than you can afford to lose, since you won’t be tempted to go overboard with the money you have at your disposal.

It is also important not to try to predict what roulette wheels are going to do: this is just another online casino site’s way of enticing you to bet with them. If you have read online reviews or seen pictures of roulette wheels in action, you’ll know that there are a number of possible outcomes. While the wheel is random, you don’t want to pick numbers just because you saw one that was particularly interesting. It would be wise to choose a number that goes with a reliable history of winning, such as six, seven, eight or even nine-tails.

When the ball lands on a smooth wheel, it means that you won the game; when the ball hits a rough or not-so-smooth wheel, you may lose the game. Roulette players use the colors of the wheel in order to strategize, and this can be extremely useful for online games because most brick-and-mortar casino games use a red, six or seven wheel. You may have already noticed that this corresponds to popular colors used in gambling (red for casinos, black for land-based casinos). Your guess about whether or not the ball is landing on a black or red wheel is just as good as being right!

Online roulette players should also be wary of the dealer. It is a fact that most of today’s roulette games are carried out on a virtual table, which means that the dealers and machines are not as well-trained or as skilled as those used in live casino games. That does not mean they are bad, just that you have to watch them more closely. If you are in a real live casino, the dealer is bound to know the tricks of the trade, but chances are he is also well-trained in handling the equipment that he uses. Just do your best to avoid someone who does not know what he is doing.

Online roulette players should always keep an eye out for a red number, which means the ball has landed on a no-risk, no-buy board. No-risk means a payout that is exactly one-third less than the original bet, which means that you are likely to get your money back, provided you bet enough spins on that board. This is what online roulette players call a “no risk” roulette board. In addition to these no-risk boards, there are also those that offer a small and generous welcome bonus to players as they start the game, such as ten dollars or so, which can easily become a habit. The more generous the bonus, the more you should keep betting until you reach the maximum payout.